AI-powered Voice

Automatic Speech Recognition & Synthesis

With Avaamo’s cutting edge speech recognition technology, voice input is more robust whether from a crowded street or a noisy factory floor. And Avaamo enables you to respond with voice using state-of-the-art response generation algorithms.

Voice features

Highly accurate speech engine

Instantly convert audio and voice into written text. Our platform automatically transcribes audio from 14 languages in real-time.

Speak like a Human

Convert written text into natural-sounding voice interaction in a variety of languages and voices.

Phone Channels (1-800 number)

Transcribe & process audio for various usecases ranging from real-time transcription for audio to analyzing 1000’s of call center audio recordings. Avaamo’s NLU accurately captures intent when callers speak naturally in their own words, increasing self-service utilization—and success.

Voice solutions deliver, loud and clear

Avaamo’s second generation voice technologies enable your business to create interactive voice response (IVR) and voice solutions that will all boost customer satisfaction


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