The Avaamo Bot Platform

The first of its kind enterprise bot platform, designed from the ground up to enable enterprises to
create, develop, manage, and rapidly deploy enterprise bots for use by your employees as well as by customers.


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Conversational bots

Our chatbot platform makes self-service more human via our conversational bots that are powered by Avaamo’s patented technology that uniquely combines AI, NLP and Machine Learning technologies

Deploy Anywhere

Your bots can go wherever your customers are. Avaamo bots can be built once and instantly made available on consumer messaging (FaceBook Messenger, kik, Line, WeChat, Skype, SMS, Twitter) or enterprise channels

Intent & behavior models

Our bots builder makes your bots “more human”, as our conversation engine runs the user requests through various behaviour handlers that check for tone, language and intent. Bots can then get back with appropriate human like responses.

Interactive Smartcards

Don’t be restricted to just text – make your bots expressive with rich smart cards that can render rich information in image carousels, multiple buttons and also receive multiple inputs all in one message using our rich forms

Industry domain handlers

Avaamo bots can be trained by running them through industry specific domain handlers. Our Bots can handle linguistic, colloquial and domain-specific context (Banking, Insurance, telco, Retail, Healthcare etc) for more meaningful responses

Realtime Analytics

Not just track who’s using the bot and what requests are flowing through different channels – more importantly you can use the feedback from failed conversations to train the bot to respond better

Goal-oriented bots

Your business has goals and so should your bot. Avaamo bots at their core are goal-oriented and nudge the users for an optimal conversational experience and outcome. You never have to worry about your bot falling out of line.

Multi-language API support

The bots platform supports neural language models for 100+ languages.


Avaamo’s bot builder generates bots that can provide meaningful, contextually relevant responses to users by integrating to your systems of record. Our bots can leverage the 120+ pre-built integrations and capability to quickly extend via the integration service framework

Enterprise controls

The enterprise bot platform helps manage access to your enterprise Bot Store, approve channels for deployment, and set limits on who can use and manage custom bots. Enterprise bots maintain complete visibility with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Everything is secure

All customer conversations and transactions, wherever they are, benefit from a platform that’s compliant with federal regulations and encrypted end-to-end. Meet strict requirements for HIPAA, PCI, FINRA and others with secure user authentication, built-in access controls, and more.